Woodturning Projects

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I really enjoy woodturning, and these are just a few of the projects that have been turned on the 1957 Shopsmith that was handed down to me by my father after we moved to Tucson.

The bowl on the far left is Beth's first attempt at woodturning, and she did a very nice job (you can see another one of her bowls on her web page). That bowl and the one in front were turned from a Mesquite tree that blew over in our front yard. The bowl on the far right was turned from Maple Burl.

Here are a couple more turnings posing as potpourri bowls. The interesting thing about these bowls is that each one has a piece (or two) of the other inlaid in the top of the bowl. This technique was described in the February 1994 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Wood magazine, page 40.

This turned jewelry box was designed from an article on page 46 of the December 1993 Wood magazine. The butterfly cloisonne lid is from the Woodturners catalog.

The bowl on the left is another bowl turned from the Mesquite tree that blew over in our front yard. The bowl on the right is turned from a Buckeye Burl blank, and the small box with a 50 year calendar on the lid is turned from a Maple Burl blank.

Both of these projects were made with accessories from the Woodturners catalog. The kaleidoscope was made from Zebrawood. But it's been several years since I turned the base of the oil lamp, and I don't remember the wood used for that project (possibly Lovoa?).

My mother purchased a Jet mini-lathe for me in the spring of 1999. These are a few of the bowls and other projects I have turned on that equipment.

A potpourri bowl made from PurpleHeart wood, a Mesquite bowl with a flower cloisonne lid, and a oil lamp made from Spalted Maple. All these turnings include accessories found in the Woodturners catalog.

Three small wood turnings made from Butternut, Maple Burl, and a Eucalyptus tree from Beth's brother's back yard.
Eucalyptus Burl turning made from tree cut down in front of University of Arizona's Gila Hall.

Some small turned boxes. The pillbox on the far left is made from Birds Eye Maple, and the 2 in the back are made from Bubinga. The pillbox on the far right and the hinged box on the right with the brass rose clasp are made from Maple Burl. The hinged box with the pewter bow clasp is made from Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood).

These Christmas tree ornament plans, the small birds, and the mirrored display stands are all available from the Woodturners catalog. The bird house on the left is made from Bubinga and Maple. The middle one is Bubinga, Maple Burl, and Butternut, and the one on the right is Zebrawood and English Walnut.

A small bowl turned from Pecan wood from Beth's mother's yard; a Sassafras wood yo-yo; a small turning from the Palo Verde tree in our front yard, complete with artificial flowers and a wooden hummingbird; and two Walnut tops.

Flower Vases (Marblewood and Bubinga)

Ice Cream Scoops (Goncalo Alves, Tasmanian Myrtle, Bubinga, and Canarywood)

Pizza Cutter and Basting Brushes (Goncalo Alves)

Turning pens has become another favorite hobby since Mom gave me the Jet mini-lathe.

The 3 pens on the left are Father Sing pens made from Lacewood, Maple, and Maple Burl. The next 2 are mini European style pens from Lacewood and Maple Burl. The 2 pens on the right are full size European style from Spalted Maple and E. Carolina Cherry Burl.

These are pen projects whose kits were purchased from the Woodcraft store that opened up in my neighborhood in 1999. The multi-tool pen and the standard pen and pencil set on the left are made from unknown scrap wood from previous projects. The Wall Street pen and pencil sets are made from Box Elder Burl and Bocote wood. The mini key ring pens are made from Tigerwood, Maple Burl, and Pink Ivory wood.

The Mini-European pen on the left and the Taper pen next to it were made from Amboyna Burl. The European pen in the middle is made from Wenge, and the Presidential pens surrounding it are made from Maple and English Walnut. The Taper pen and Mini-European pen on the right are both made from Carolina Cherry Burl. The body of the kaleidoscope is Bubinga and the yoyo is Redheart.