Scroll Saw Projects

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Here are some of the scroll saw projects I have done in the past. I originally owned a Sears Craftsman scroll saw, but have since moved up to a very nice DeWalt 20 inch scroll saw.

This basket is made from Sassafras and the design is from the book titled "Multi-Use Collapsible Basket Patterns" by the people at The Berry Basket, Rick and Karen Longabaugh. The picture frame displays a picture of my sister Pam, and her husband Scott, the recipients of both of these Christmas gifts.

I designed the top portion of this berry basket for Beth and her shelties. I made many of these berry baskets for for friends and relatives when I first started scroll sawing. This piece was made from Tigerwood, a West African wood also called Goncalo Alves.

[Related side note for 3D computer artists: I created an animated VRML object similar to one of these collapsible baskets (but not an exact pattern, the VRML basket would do more than collapse... it would fall apart). You'll need a VRML browser plugin such as CosmoPlayer or Cortona installed, and a video card with decent support for image mapping. To see the animation, just click on the basket once it loads into your browser.]

Mahogany basket for Elicia and Garrett's wedding.

This doll swing is made from Oak, and is another design from The Berry Basket. I gave it to my mother as a Christmas gift, since she has a very large Barbie doll collection. My dad was from Pennsylvania, so my mom has always enjoyed Amish designs. The boy and girl in the scroll saw cutout reminded me of many of the Amish designs we had around the house while I was growing up.

The doll cradle uses the same scroll saw design as the doll swing above and is also made from Red Oak.

Two corner shelves, with patterns designed by Rick Longabaugh at The Berry Basket in Centralia, Washington. The shelf with the butterfly design is made from Mahogany, the hummingbird design is made from Oak.

This white-tailed deer and black bear uses scroll sawn, soft maple pieces that were colored with various applications of golden oak and black walnut oil-based stains. After cutting and staining the individual pieces, they are glued back together in differing layers, providing a 3D effect to the finished work. The designs are by Patrick Spielman and Kerry Shirts from the book titled "Scroll Saw Art". The deer is mounted on a piece of Hawaiian Koa, and the bear on a piece of Mesquite.

Two more designs by Patrick Spielman and Kerry Shirts from the book titled "Scroll Saw Art". They are mounted on a piece of Mesquite.

This was an experiment to recreate a photo of my nieces (Elicia, Morgan, and Paige) using stained pieces of Maple and the 3D layer technique described in the book titled "Scroll Saw Art" by Patrick Spielman and Kerry Shirts. The original photo and the photo reduced to 6 shades of gray are shown beside the final project. I learned several lessons about creating and cutting out my own scroll saw designs, and will definitely improve a few of my techniques the next time I attempt another scroll saw photo project.

This scroll saw pattern is designed by Judy Gale Roberts and can be found in her "Scroll Saw Fretwork Patterns: The Great Outdoors". The frame and background of this wolf image is dark Mahogany, a remnant of the board used for the seats in my Piroque style canoe. The foreground scroll saw pattern is cut from a 1/8" lauan plywood sheet I also had laying around from a previous project.